Arts Incorporated – Amazing!

February 13, 2018

Hats off to the students and teachers who put on an amazing display of talent, skill, creativity and discipline at Arts Incorporated. We saw fabulous artwork, videos, fashion, wood, metal and mechanical work, saw demos and tasted great food, watched and listened to drama and music performances, saw animations and drafting designs and enjoyed VR roller coaster rides. It was sensory overload…

This is a huge event that takes a ridiculous amount of planning and preparing and helping students make deadlines for the show. What we saw, heard, tasted and felt was awesome. Thanks to all the teachers who inspired their students to put on such an amazing display and for the learning that has been happening in classes to support it.

Thanks also to the counsellors and VPs who, while the show was going, met with grade 8-10 parents informing them about the course planning process and preparing them to help their students select their classes and program for next year.

I love this place…

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