Literacy 10 Ministry Assessment

October 19, 2022

Grade 10 – Mandatory Graduation Ministry Assessments

Hello Families and Grade 10 Students,

You are receiving this information because you are, or you have, a learner who is in Grade 10 at RE Mountain.   Students in Grades 10 and 12 are required to write these assessments as part of their graduation requirements.  In Grade 10, students will write Literacy 10 – November 2 and 3 and Numeracy 10 – in April 2023.

Our organization of the Literacy 10 Assessment on November 2 and 3 is being done based on last name.  Please see the schedule below.  Please note this is based on legal last name as we have it in MyED BC.  Please log on to MyED BC for your learner to confirm the legal last name that we have on file.  Students are responsible to be either at the Main Gym or Library Learning Commons on their assigned day and 20mins before the time posted on the schedule below (the time posted below indicates start time of the assessment).  Students who miss their day/time will have opportunities to make up the assessment either later this year (June 2023) or in their Grade 11 year.

We highly recommend that students visit the ministry website to get more information about these assessments, view videos about the sections of the assessments and engage in practice assessments as well.  There is no need to “study” for this assessment.  Students have up to 3 hours to write the assessment.  Students who have access to alternate settings to write assessments will be notified by their learning support teacher.  Students are encouraged to talk to their learning support teacher in advance to confirm where they will be writing.  The link to the Literacy 10 Assessment is here:

Literacy 10 – Schedule

Main Gym

Library Learning Commons

Wednesday Nov 2– AM – 8:30 start

Arrive 8:10am

A to Dobin

Dodd to Fujita

Wednesday Nov 2– PM – 12:30 start

Arrive 12:10pm

Furlong to Klann

Kong to Lock

Thursday Nov 3 – AM – 8am start

Arrive 7:40am

Longacre to Peterson

Petris to Sanchez Rodriguez

Thursday Nov 3 – PM – 12pm Start

Arrive 11:40am(staff will dismiss early from class for those scheduled to write)

Sandford to Wu

Xiao to Zuzik

Friday Nov 4

PM – 12:30pmStart

Grade 11 and 12s who missed Lit 10

If you have any further questions, please contact Mr. Jeff Keen via email.


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