Clubs at REMSS – 2022-2023

Clubs are a big part of RE Mountain Secondary – our school is more than just studying!

Please see below current clubs at our school that are running right now! Most clubs’ welcome new members just dropping in whenever the club is in session. If you have further questions, please contact the sponsor teacher listed under each club.

Cheers and enjoy your activities!

Club:BCYC (British Columbia Youth Council)


Teacher sponsor: Ms. Porczek (
Location and Time: 1169 on Mondays at lunch (executive meetings) and Thursdays at lunch (general meetings)
Description: BCYC is a club fashioned alongside the BC Youth Council of Canada. Our goal is to work @REMSS and the Lower Mainland area to encouraging youth involvement and participation in politics, spreading awareness on vital issues within our communities, and ultimately creating political change through our planned campaigns consisting of five themes: Student Representation, Environment, Truth and Reconciliation, Mental Health, and 2SLGBTQ+.




Club:Ceramics Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Loeppky (
Location and Time: 2016 on Thursdays after school
Description: Play with clay. No experience necessary




Club:Chess Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Fabretti (
Location and Time: 0164 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch
Description: Any student is welcome to come play chess in room 0164 at lunch. All abilities welcome, you will be paired with a partner when you arrive!





Club:Debate Club
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Renaud (
Location and Time: 2109 on Fridays after school
Description: We prepare students for competitive debating (including Speech and Debate tournaments ) as well as engage non-competitive debaters in discussions and debate games. All students welcome!




Teacher sponsor: Mr. Kim (
Location and Time: 0166 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school
Description: School esports team. We play League of Legends competitively, and Valorant recreationally.



Club:Grad Council
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Wong ( Mrs. Springenatic (
Location and Time: 2163 on Tuesdays at lunch
Description: Serving the grad class to help run grad events, choose legacy gift and grad song of the year etc.




Club:Guitar Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Wiens (
Location and Time: 2113 on Fridays after school
Description: This club is targeted for people who are at beginner or intermediate level who want to learn guitar in a friendly and interactive environment. Our aim is to teach them the basic and advanced skills of guitar, the chords and strumming patterns. Moreover, we will have internal performance sessions every 3 weeks. This will demonstrate their new skills that were learned at guitar club.




Club:High Tea Tuesday
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Kim (
Location and Time: 0166 on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school
Description: We discuss topics/concepts normally not discussed in a class setting. Tea is provided, snacks are provided occasionally. Bring your lunches.


Teacher sponsor: Mr. Friesen (
Location and Time: 1168 Wednesdays at lunch
Description: To create care packages filled with hope for people in need. These care packages will include everyday essentials like food, clothing, toiletries, and messages of hope that club members make.




Club:Language Club
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Cai (
Location and Time: 2153 on Fridays at lunch
Description: The Language Club is the perfect place to meet new friends from across the world, while also learning a few phrases in other languages. The Language Club also hosts a variety of fun cultural activities to give everyone at REMSS a taste of a new culture. Join on Fridays @ lunch in Room 2153. Everyone is welcome!




Club:LEOs Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Walthers (
Location and Time: 2106 on some Wednesdays at lunch
Description: Provide members with volunteer opportunities in the community.




Club:LGBTQ+ Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Reimer (
Location and Time: 2008 on Tuesdays at lunch
Description: At the LGBTQ+/Allies Club, we strive to create a warm welcoming community that celebrates our differences and gives everyone a chance to be heard, regardless of their gender or sexual identity.



Club:Math Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Cornelsen (
Location and Time: 0112 on Fridays at lunch
Description: We work on math puzzles and problems from math contests.




Club:Mountain Business Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Dosanjh (
Location and Time: 2157 on Fridays at lunch
Description: The Mountain Business Club is a club where students can expand their marketing and business skills. Students will collaborate with other school clubs and help them with promoting their events. Students will also prepare for and participate in marketing/business competitions.




Club:Newspaper Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Davies (
Location and Time: 1109 on Mondays at lunch
Description: We put together a monthly issue of a digital newspaper/newsletter. We cover school events, sporting events and other relevant topics for students. We focus on making a more inclusive environment by highlighting student achievements in our community as well as showcasing the clubs of our school.



Club:Photography Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Walker (
Location and Time: 0106 on Wednesdays after school
Description: Mainly working with the yearbook team to take pictures and entering photographic competitions.




Club:REMSS Art Club


Teacher sponsor: Ms. Yoo (
Location and Time: 2158 on Wednesdays after school; Fridays at lunch
Description: Our club is mainly a safe art space for people to share art as a common interest. The club will provide freedom to explore mediums and styles in a group setting without the limitations of planned assignments and projects.




Club:REMSS Programming Club 
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Ruffini (
Location and Time: 0163 on Mondays and Tuesdays after school
Description: The objective of the club is to teach and spread the culture of computer programming. The long-term goal is to create presentable projects and train members for competitions.



Club:Senior Care Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Dennett (
Location and Time: 2151 on Mondays at lunch
Description: Students gather to write letters, cards or plan other activities for local seniors.



Club:SGE Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Mikayla Johnson (
Location and Time: 1112 on Thursdays at lunch
Description: SGE stands for Supporting Girl’s Education! We do this by having fundraisers and we also support our community’s education by doing things like the school supply drive; anything to encourage effective and supported learning.




Club:Student Council 


Teacher sponsor: Ms. Cullen (
Location and Time: 2112 on Thursdays at lunch
Description: Student Council is a club that focuses on giving students volunteer opportunities and an easy way to get involved in the school community. We plan both school wide and grade events that are meant to create a fun and inclusive environment. We use a mix of both creative and organizational skills to plan and advertise our events and initiatives, so there is a place for everyone here!




Club:Student Union
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Ough (
Location and Time: 0112 on Fridays at lunch
Description: Our purpose is to battle discrimination and ignorance in our community by educating others and amplifying minorities voices. We want to create a safe and close-knit community at REMSS. Where we stand in solidarity, respect one another, and grow as a people.




Club:Sustainability Team
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Costopoulos (
Location and Time: 0157 every other Monday at lunch
Description: The club is mostly focused on environmental initiatives and raising awareness.  It provides numerous opportunities for volunteer work, such as invasive species removal, community garden development, and street-side clean up.


Club:Tennis Club
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Chin ( and Mr. Briand (
Location and Time: 2110 on Mondays and Wednesdays after school
Description: We organize tennis meets and teach people who want to learn how to play tennis. We play at the LEC tennis courts.




Club:The Young Writers Initiative
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Volkenant (
Location and Time: 1111 on Mondays at lunch
Description: You’ll have the chance to participate in fun writing opportunities such as challenges, games, peer review/editing, performances, and workshops. We welcome students of all ages and skill levels, the only thing you need is a passion for writing!




Club:Ultimate (frisbee)
Teacher sponsor: Mr. Neufeld (
Location and Time: 2164 or fields outside (TBD on date)
Description: Ultimate frisbee club, essentially the sports team in club form since there is no league in the fall.




Club:2gather Club
Teacher sponsor: Ms. Dosanjh (
Location and Time: 2157 on Thursdays at lunch
Description: 2Gather Club is a unique fundraiser club which incorporates arts and crafts related activities, volunteer opportunities and entrepreneurship experience to grow awareness of social minority groups and their challenges and to provide financial help for them.




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