Important Updates – March 4, 2022

Posted: March 4, 2022

Hello Families,

Please find below important updates and information from RE Mountain.  In this email, please find information about:

1. Parent-Teacher Interviews

2. Grade 10 Immunizations and Grade 9 Catch up immunizations

3. Dry Grad Information and Fundraisers

4. Grade 12 Career Info


Parent Teacher Interviews:

Next week we will be hosting Parent-Teacher interviews on Wednesday and Thursday.  Here is the link to book your appointments.  Please read the home page carefully.  Meetings will be face-to-face unless you choose a virtual teams meeting or phone call.  Upon booking your meeting with your learner’s teacher, please note the room number and email of the teacher for your reference.

The booking system opens on Friday, March 4th at noon and closes on Tuesday, March 8th at 3pm.  After that time if you wish to book an appointment, please email the teacher directly.  The office staff cannot book appointments for you and will inform you to send the teacher an email.

Please use this link to access the booking system:

For instructions to book appointments click here: Condensed Parent Instructions35.doc

We look forward to having families in the building next week.


Grade 10 Immunizations and Grade 9 Catch up Immunizations:

Grade 10 immunizations will be occurring on Friday April 1, 2022.  The immunization consent forms will be sent home with students on Monday March 7 from their Block A classes.  Fraser Health is asking that these consent forms be signed and returned to their Block A teacher no later than Thursday March 10.

When Fraser Health was at the school to administer Grade 9 immunization, they were not able to get all Grade 9 students completed.  Fraser Health is planning to get those who missed their immunizations in February done on April 1st as well.

If you have any questions about immunization, please contact Fraser Health directly.


Dry Grad Fundraisers and Information:

We, the REMSS Dry Grad Committee (all parent volunteers) are very excited to be in the planning process of the Dry Grad Celebration for our graduating class of 2022.  Due to Covid, we are still unaware of how the Dry Grad night will play out, but we are keeping hopeful for a fun event. We welcome all parents of RE Mountain to help out in donating or purchasing through our fundraiser events if you can.

Here are a few fundraisers we have set up.  If you are planning on buying easter chocolate, please consider helping out our grads through the Purdy’s Fundraiser below.  We also have a one-night Chipotle fundraiser on Wednesday March 9 from 5-9pm(see info below) Please help us where you can.

CHIPOTLE SAVE THE DATE!!  NEW Fundraiser!!!!  Who doesn’t ❤ Chipotle.  Click here for fundraising poster: Chipotle Fundraiser.pdf

On March 9 between 5-9pm if you purchase meals at the Chipotle on the Langley by-pass and show the Flyer attached we will receive 33% of the sale.


Send this flyer to all your friends and family. Let’s make this a good one.

Please show the flyer attached or print out the PDF. Either way the cashier must see this for the sale to be assigned to us.

Feel free to order online through only using the code on the flyer. The order and pickup must be between 5-9pm from the Langley location. Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats etc. will not be applicable to our fundraiser.


We absolutely cannot hand out flyers on or around the restaurant property. We will lose the fundraiser completely.

Don’t order outside the time or location as it will not be allotted to us.

  1. Purdy’s Fundraiser including the Easter Fundraiser:

We have 2 Purdy’s programs on the go!

  1. The year-round fundraising bars! 

WE NEED YOUR HELP SELLING PLEASE!!!  Let’s make this fundraiser a huge success!  We have $2 milk chocolate bars, $2 dark chocolate bars, $5 milk chocolate and almond bars and $5 milk chocolate crisps and chocolate bars to sell.

To help us, we would like as many parents as possible to purchase a box to help sell the bars.  If each family buys a box to sell, it’s an easy sell for you, not many bars per box, and a huge help for the Dry Grad!  The cost is $40/box for milk & dark chocolate bars and $50/box for milk chocolate almond & milk chocolate crisps). Payment is expected at time of pickup.

To arrange pick up please contact Shawna Simao at 604.831.9199 or at

  1. Easter Fundraiser!

​Our Easter Purdys Fundraiser begins….NOW! Go get your chocolates:

Login – Purdy’s

The Purdys Chocolates Group Purchasing Web site offers Fundraisers, Private and Public Organizations the opportunity to purchase Purdys products at a significant discount

This year, our goal is to raise $250 per family,  so we need your help—but don’t worry, all the work you’re doing is choosing which chocolates to order.

Stock up on beautiful gift boxes, fun chocolate lollies, Sweet Georgia Browns and more. All profits will go directly to REMSS Dry Grad 2022   So satisfy those cravings, get all your gift-shopping done while supporting a great cause.

The deadline to order is March 26 2022

What you need:

  • Campaign number: 31304
  • Campaign link
    Login – Purdy’s

    The Purdys Chocolates Group Purchasing Web site offers Fundraisers, Private and Public Organizations the opportunity to purchase Purdys products at a significant discount

  • Once orders close, we’ll notify everyone when and where you can collect your treats.
  • Please know anyone local can order and all will be able to be picked up before Easter so please pass on to friends and family!
  • Please share with anyone you know who might be interested. It would help us so much.
  1. Willowbrook Recycling Depot:

We have set up a Recycling program through the Bottle Depots. This is a continuing program until June, so any donation help from now until then would greatly appreciated. We would love your help to get the word out.

Willowbrook Recycling Depot non express:

Account #426. Anyone can drop off clear plastic bags of bottles and cans and tell the person they want it to go on account #426 for RE Mountain Secondary School.

Willowbrook Recycling Depot Express:

Express account is under the school’s phone number, acct# 604-888-3033

Each person can enter into the machine the account number, how many bags they are dropping and print labels for the bags. Must be clear or blue recycling bags. You can also print labels ahead of time, and for next time just drop and go. It’s very simple.

  1. School Cash Online

If you go into your school cash online account, there is an option to make a cash donation directly to the Dry Grad event.  Please donate what you can!

Monthly Meetings:

We, the Dry Grad Committee host a meeting at the beginning of every month.  ALL parents are welcome!  We would love for you to join us to listen in on planning, or to even share some great ideas you may have.  Our Dry Grad meeting this month is on Monday, March 7 at 7pm at RE Mountain in the Learning Commons.  Please join us if you can.

Thank you again for your time and on behalf of the REMSS 2022 graduating class, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to consider supporting a safe and memorable Dry Grad.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, would like to volunteer, or require further information. We can be reached at


Dry Grad Parent Committee


Grade 12 Careers Updates:

REMSS Grad Update

The latest news and updates for R.E. Mountain Secondary School Grads of 2022.

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