Physical Literacy Days – March 9th and 12th

Posted: March 6, 2018

Physical Literacy is not just about sports participation; it’s about life participation; it’s not just for athletes, it’s for everyone.

As children we have a natural drive to run, climb and explore.  As we mature, our drive for activity is gradually diminished by stuff: material goods, screens and food. Our lack of activity and various other lifestyle choices are making us sick, ignorant of ourselves and dependent on others. Noncommunicable diseases kill 40 million people each year, about 70% of all deaths globally. Much of these are attributed to lifestyle. The drive for financial freedom has led many to sacrifice their health. Those who gain financial wealth at the expense of their well being often try to buy back their health in the end, often too late.

We are fortunate to live in an environment of relative plenty. Our focus should not be on greater wealth but on better health. Physical literacy is an investment into oneself: health and wellness, self-confidence and empowerment, independence. Should the economy crash, you may loose your life savings but you can have your health.  Fitness is essentially a measure of investment in health: the fitter you are, the greater your savings for rainy day. Natural events of hardship are happening more frequently in recent times.  On the west coast of Canada, if a devastating earthquake hits, how will you fair?  Should you survive, will you be a liability or an asset to your family and community?

Allison is a great athlete.  She was born with a lot of drive but her skills required hours of hard work to develop. Some of you may not think you are athletic but should you give it a try, you may very much surprise yourself.  We believe everyone is an athlete who hasn’t yet found his or her physical passion.

Be physically literate with Allison Tai

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