Learning Support Services

Students at R.E. Mountain can access support for classes through the Learning Support Department. Eight blocks of classes are offered to all students who feel they benefit from additional instruction, remediation and study skills.  Students also can receive support in the area of executive functioning: working memory, planning, organization and self-monitoring. Students in these classes may have a documented disability and therefore have an Individual Education Plan.

Some students at R.E. Mountain are enrolled in a program for students with Low Incidence Disabilities called the Summit Program. Students have Individual Education Plans focussed on developing both academic and life skills. Students may be enrolled in larger classes or may have smaller group instruction geared to their individual needs.

Our goal this year is to help students become learners who can self-advocate. Learners who can self-advocate understand their strengths and weakness, develop goals and make informed decisions about not only their education, but also, their life.

Students who are able to advocate for themselves are not only better able to function in their classes but are more engaged and involved in their learning.

  • They take more ownership of their learning.
  • They build more self-confidence in their ability to learn and they develop a sense of independence and empowerment.
  • They are less likely to be taken advantage of socially.
  • They are better equipped for the transition to post-secondary school.
  • They are more successful in the workplace.

All students, whether or not they have a documented disability must:

  • Learn through opportunities and experiences to explore
  • Take risks
  • Learn from consequences
  • Learn to become self-motivated
  • Positively increase self-esteem
  • Gradually gain control over their learning

Students in both Learning Support classes and Summit classes will:

  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop SMART goals that address their needs
  • Be able to communicate it to others
  • Identify their support systems
  • Know their rights (workplace, school, social)

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