Start-Up Plan

Below you will find information regarding the elements of the R.E. Mountain Start-Up Plan. It will include the processes, structures and procedures meant to keep students safe and learning. It will be updated as additional information becomes available from the Ministry of Education, Fraser Health or the District.




We’re in this together. Our school’s goal is to provide your student with a safe place to learn and grow. If you have questions about this document, please contact the school and we will be happy to address your concerns.

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During the student orientation, students will receive their course schedules and learn about structures and procedures at REMSS meant to keep them safe and learningDetailed orientation times will be published by September 4th. 

Grade 12: Thursday, September 10th – 10:00 – 11:00am

Grade 11: Thursday, September 10th  - 1:00 – 2:00pm 

Grade 10: Friday, September 11th – 10:00 – 11:00am

Grade 9: Friday, September 11th – 1:00 – 2:30pm 



The school year will be divided into four sections or quarters. Each quarter is approximately ten weeks long. In each quarter, students will take one class in the morning and another class in the afternoon. 

According to the plan shared by the District, students in Grade 9 will attend classes at REMSS for the entire day. 

Students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 will have a slightly different schedule. They will all attend classes every morning at the school. In the afternoon, only half of senior students will be in attendance at any given time: students with a last name at the beginning of the alphabet will attend class in the afternoon on Mondays and Thursdays and students with last names at the end of the alphabet will attend class in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Fridays. Specific details will be established shortly. On Wednesday afternoons, all Grade 10, 11, and 12 students will be expected to connect with their teachers online through TEAMs from home. After five weeks, the morning classes will be scheduled half-time with Wednesdays being remote and students will attend every day in the afternoon. Please see the graphic below. 



Please see the following Bell Schedule to see what the startend, and break times will be for this school year.  Please note that they are slightly different for Grade 9s as compared to Grade 10, 11, and 12s. The staggered lunch time will allow for fewer students to be in the hallways during lunch. 


Start TimeEnd TimeMinutesBlock
8:35 AM9:05 AM30Resource/LA Support
9:05 AMWelcome Bell
9:10 AM10:41 AM91Period 1
10:41 AM11:20 AM39Lunch
11:20 AM11:59 AM39Period 1
11:59 AM2:10 PM131Period 2
2:10 PM2:40 PM30Resource/LA Support



Start TimeEnd TimeMinutesBlock
8:35 AM9:05 AM30Resource/LA Support
9:05 AMWelcome Bell
9:10 AM11:20 AM130Period 1
11:20 AM11:59 AM39Lunch
11:59 AM2:10 PM131Period 2
2:10 PM2:40 PM30Resource/LA Support



Grade 9 student cohorts are based on a student’s grade level as well as the courses they have chosen as their electives. These students will remain in these same cohorts for their classes throughout the entire school year.  

Students in Grades 10, 11, and 12 are organized in cohorts based on their morning class for the first half of the quarter and the afternoon class for the second half. The afternoons for the first half of the quarter will be reduced by half, creating a physically distant classroom.  The same will be for the morning classes in the second half.

Students will find out what Cohort they are in when they come to the school on their Orientation on either September 10 and 11.  Students will be assigned a door close to their Cohort Zone through which they will enter every morning. While eating lunch, students may be without their masks if they are in their Cohort Zone. Students must be wearing their masks when arriving in the morning until they enter their class regardless of where else they are in the school.


Students are encouraged to arrive at school no more than 15 minutes ahead of their scheduled class. Students who must come to school early should go to their Cohort Zone until the start of classes. Students in each cohort will be encouraged to remain in their zone as much as possible when not in class. Students will be informed about their Cohort Zones during orientation.

The school will have entrances open to students where sanitization stations will be available.  Students will be assigned an entrance close to their Cohort Zone and be required to enter the school at that entrance. They will be required to sanitize their hands, then proceed to their Cohort ZoneStaff will be at each entrance to assist students with this process.


Students in Grade 9 will have an earlier lunch than Grades 10, 11, and 12 students.  Students are required to eat lunch in their Cohort Zones. Students who want to eat lunch outside of their Cohort Zones should eat lunch outside. Students eating outside will be required to remain physically distant and/or wear masks whenever possible. 


Hallway traffic will be controlled throughout the building to promote physical distancing.   


There will be hand sanitizing stations at each major entrance.  Students will be asked to sanitize their hands as they enter the building.  Students should consider bringing hand sanitizer as part of their school supplies this year.  Students will be encouraged to wash their hands regularly throughout the day. A mask will be supplied to each student. Students must wear masks in the school at any time they are not in their Cohort Zones. These include areas such as hallways, stairwells, washrooms, the library, and the gallery.


REMSS staff and administration will be in the hallways throughout the day to ensure that students are following proper health and safety protocols from the Ministry of Education and from Fraser Health. 


Students should wear masks when entering or exiting the washroom. Students waiting to use the washrooms should wait outside.  Floor markings will help ensure that students waiting to use the washroom are physically distanced. As per Provincial Health guidelines, washrooms will be cleaned twice per day.


Students are encouraged to bring a snack and lunch from home.  Students are reminded NOT to share individual food and beverages with other students. The cafeteria will be providing lunches only for students. Students will be able to order lunch online up until midnight the night before. Lunches will be distributed to Cohort Zones to reduce issues around line-ups. Details regarding ordering will be discussed in student’s orientations.  Canuel Catering is following all Ministry requirements for food sales. 


Any student demonstrating symptoms while at home should remain at home.  Parents are advised to notify the school and call their doctor or 811 (HealthLink BC) in this case.  Students who are at school and demonstrate symptoms will be isolated while at school. Parents and Fraser Health will be contacted and the student will need to go home.  


Counsellors, Career Advisors, and Support workers will be available to students at REMSS.  Students may also contact Counsellors and the Career Advisor through Teams.   

The school library will be open as a learning space for individual cohortsThe library will not be available at lunch or as a drop-in space throughout the day. 

COVID19 has created come unique challenges for some REMSS families. With the generosity of the Langley District Foundation, community partnerships, and the District, our staff is there to help and support families in need. Please contact Mrs. Jennifer Koehler, VP or Mr. Tristan Miller, Youth Care Worker, for more information.


Learning Support blocks do not function well in a quarter system as they would be over 2 hours long and limited to one quarter. Students who require support may be helped in a number of ways. They may have SEA or Resource Teacher support in the class; Resource Teachers may take them to the Resource Room during a class to support them with the work associate with that class; Resource support will also be available from 8:35 – 9:05AM and 2:10 – 2:40PM in the Resource Room.


Hallway lockers will not be available this year. This protocol is in place at all high schools to prevent students grouping outside their Cohort Zones. Students must ensure they have a bag or backpack in which to hold their supplies and keep it with them at all times to ensure security.


It has been very difficult to generate Grade 9 timetables due to the requirements around cohorting. We have tried to base cohorts around one of the electives that students chose, but even those may have conflicted with their elective language choice. As a result, elective choices at the Grade 9 level have been significantly limited. All high schools are experiencing the same challenge. Because one of the Grade 10, 11, and 12 classes in each quarter is blended and physically distant, there is significantly less impact on their timetables. Grade 10, 11, and 12 students should have timetables similar to those generated in June.  Any impact on these timetables is a result of space issues or issues related to the general timetable and not to cohorting.


Given the increased use of technology in a blended learning environment, we are supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) this year. Please click on the following LINK to view recommended specifications. REMSS will support students’ technology needs as required. 

For additional details, be sure to review the District Return to School Plan.

We understand that parents and students have legitimate concerns and reservations about returning to school during this pandemic.  We hope that you take time to read through this document and get a sense of all the planning that is happening to make your child’s return to school as safe as possible.

If you still have questions about the REMSS plan, please contact the school at 604-888-3033.  We are happy to answer your questions.  Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate our new schedule and procedures.  As a community, we can make this school year a safe, engaging, and valuable learning experience for your child.


Because we anticipate fewer student activities as a result of the pandemic, we will be reducing our student fee from $25 per student to $15 per student. The lower fee will still be used to pay for our school app, student agendas for those who request them, various other activities that we expect will still be running. 


Please click on this LINK to view the daily health check form. Parents/guardians are responsible to assess their child daily before sending them to school. It is recommended that parents/guardians keep a copy of the form at home for reference to assist them in completing the daily health check. ** This form only needs to be filled out and submitted once. Please download and complete it. It can be digitally signed and emailed to


Please click on this LINK to complete a survey indicating your preference around program attendance for next year.

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