Grade 9 Career Education

Career Education is a mandatory component of the BC Provincial Curriculum and is one of the top three essential skills required for helping students become Educated Citizens.

To fulfill the graduation requirements, students must successfully complete Grade 9 Career Education, Life Education 10 and Life Connections 12. The scaffolding of learning each year acts as an important building block towards mandatory Grade 12 Capstone Presentations.

At R.E. Mountain Secondary, Career Education 9 is embedded within the regular required curriculum throughout the year and not delivered as a separate course. The focus of all Career Education courses within the Langley School District is helping students discover who they wish to become instead of what. Students will be provided with the opportunity to explore, question, reflect, and acknowledge the value of community, their personal strengths, preferences and skills.

Take Your Grade 9 To Work Day

Originally scheduled for November 3rd has been CANCELLED  this year in the best interests of student safety due to ongoing Covid concerns.

All students are expected to attend their regular classes.

What will learning look like?

All Grade 9 students will be participating in whole class and small group discussions as they prepare a portfolio of learning to be celebrated during a year end exit interview.

We are excited to share this journey with our Grade 9’s as they begin to explore in greater depth their skills and passions and start to determine possible routes for their goals!

Students will be provided with class time to complete the following activitiesSpecific assignment details and instructions will also be posted here as the year progresses. Please note that completion date requirements could change.

  • Interest and Career Cluster Survey Activity – to be completed by January 26th, 2022
  • The development of potential Inquiry Questions for their Grade 12 Capstone – to be completed by March 3rd, 2022
  • Personal and Academic Achievement Reflection – to be completed by April 7th, 2022
  • Celebration of Learning Year End Exit Interview – TBA

The year-end exit interview will provide the cumulative assessment for their Grade 9 Career Education Report Card mark in June. Students will be assessed using the Ministry of Education Proficiency Scale Language which includes the terms Emerging, Developing, Proficient and Extending.

Celebration of Learning/Final Exit Interviews will consist of students discussing the following:

Who Am I?

  • Students should be able to clearly articulate a thoughtful and detailed response that is indicative of personal self-awareness and of having a growth mindset.

Personal & Academic Achievement Artifacts

  • Students will share the two artifacts they have brought that they feel demonstrate both a personal and academic achievement.
  • Students should be able to clearly articulate why they brought the items and how they demonstrate both personal and academic achievement.

Areas of Interest & Career Clusters

  • Students should be able to share the top 3 career clusters from the online survey that they have brought with them and identify how their strengths apply. Please refer to the example shown with the activity instructions.

Capstone Inquiry Question 

  • Students should be able to share one inquiry question that they might be interested in pursuing for their Grade 12 Capstone. Inquiry questions are open-ended and do not have a single answer. They are thought provoking and intellectually engaging. They call for higher order thinking and raise additional questions.
  • Student can clearly explain why they chose this inquiry question and what it means to them.

Advice Tips for New Grade 9 Students

  • Students should be able to clearly articulate 3 thoughtful tips for new grade 9 students to help them be successful in transitioning from middle to high school.

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