Grade 9 Career Education

The focus of Career Education in the Langley School District is helping students discover who they wish to become instead of what. At R.E. Mountain Secondary School, the Career Education 9 Curriculum is embedded within the regular required courses throughout the year and not delivered as a separate course. All students will be sharing their learning during year end exit interviews. This interview will be the cumulative assessment for their Grade 9 Career Education Report Card mark in June.  

We are excited to share this journey with our Grade 9’s as they begin to explore in greater depth their skills and passions, and start to determine possible routes for their goals. 

Semester One Events & Assignments

Take Our Grade 9 To Work Day Event – November 2nd, 2022

On Wednesday, November 2nd, Grade 9 students across the province will spend the day outside of school at the workplace of a parent, relative, friend or volunteer host. Launched in 1994, Take Our Kids to Work Day is an opportunity for students to explore career options and navigate their interests in a fun and engaging way.

Please return permission forms to BLOCK A teachers by Friday, October 28th. Assignments are due by Monday, November 14th to BLOCK B teachers.

TOKTW 2022 Parent Information letter

TOKTW 2022 Day Parent Permission Form

Take Your Kid To Work Day Assignment

Should a student be unable to participate in job shadowing, an alternate assignment can be found below.

TYG9TWD Alternate Assignment Student Copy

The following assignments will be completed during Flex time in class in Semester Two:

1. Personal and Academic Achievements: Monday, March 27th Block A. Assignments are due by April 3rd to Block A Teachers.

2. Developing an Inquiry Question: Thursday, April 13th Block C. Assignments are due by Monday, April 17th to Block C Teachers. 

  • This assignment will be completed in all Grade 9 classes on Thursday, April 13th during Block C. Assignment details will be provided in class. Stay tuned!
  • Inquiry Question Assignment
  • Having trouble coming up with an inquiry question, scan the QR code below for some ideas!

3. Final Exit Interview  –  Each student will receive an individual date and time to attend an interview in June.

  • Please ensure your Grade 9 student is available to attend school for their Final Exit Interview. Interviews will be held in June. A staff member will contact the student on Teams and provide them with a date, time and room number for the interview.
  • Grade 9 Exit Interview Information Video
  • Final Exit Interviews are short five minute discussions between Grade 9 students and a REMSS staff member. It is an opportunity for students to reflect on their Grade 9 year and what they have discovered about themselves.
  • Grade 9 Exit Interview Information
  • Students are encouraged to arrive ten minutes prior to the start of the interview and to come prepared to discuss the following:
    • Who Am I?
      • Students should be able to clearly articulate a thoughtful and detailed response that is indicative of personal self-awareness and of having a growth mindset related to the six core competencies. Students will identify two work habits that have helped them be successful this year and one area that they would like to continue to work on and improve for next year.
    • Personal & Academic Achievement Artifacts
      • Students will share the two artifacts they have brought that they feel demonstrate both a personal and academic achievement from their Grade 9 year.
      • Students should be able to clearly articulate why they brought the items and how they demonstrate both personal and academic achievement.
    • Advice Tips for New Grade 9 Students
      • Students should be able to clearly articulate 3 thoughtful tips for new grade 9 students to help them be successful in transitioning from middle to high school.
    • Inquiry Question 
      • Students should be able to share one inquiry question that they might be interested in pursuing for their Grade 12 Capstone. Inquiry questions are open-ended and do not have a single answer. They are thought provoking and intellectually engaging. They call for higher order thinking and raise additional questions.
      • Student can clearly explain why they chose this inquiry question and what it means to them.



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