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2017-18 R.E. Mountain Secondary School Study Block Policy

R.E. Mountain Secondary offers a rich variety of courses and believes that students should take advantage of the opportunity for a full education.  In-school study blocks are a privilege reserved for senior students who have ample credits and challenging course loads.

Grade 12 Students are allowed a MAXIMUM of ONE study block.  All Grade 12 students are required to take seven full time courses within the timetable, including their Graduation Transitions (GT) Block. GT is a course that only requires students to attend on class out of three classes per week. With on study block, a student will have a total of FIVE study classes available per week.

Grade 11 Students are encouraged to be actively involved in eight courses.  A MAXIMUM of ONE study block may be granted if a student meets one of the following criteria:

  • The student is enrolled in an extended day course ie. Choir.
  • The student is taking a Distributed Learning course outside of Mountain Secondary is eligible for a study block during which the student is expected to work on the DL course.
  • The student is maintaining a heavy academic load that would benefit from a study block (permission from parents and administration required).

 Grade 9 and 10 Students There are no study blocks for grade 9 and 10 students.  In extenuating circumstances, the administration may place a grade 9 or 10 student in a custodial study with a class.

Expectations of Study Blocks

  • Students are expected to report to the cafeteria or the library for study block.
  • Students are not to be in the hallways or outside the building on the property.
  • Students are expected to work productively in study block.
  • Students are allowed off the school property with parents’ permission.
  • Students must report to the letter “X” in the evacuation area during an emergency evacuation.

Students choosing to use the library during their study block are expected to:

  • Use the library for quiet study, reading or computer/network access
  • Respect library rules & procedures
  • Sign in & out daily


Study Block Contract

Students must apply for a study block that must be signed by their parent and approved by the administration and counselling department.  Please submit a completed Study Block Contract to counselling during course planning. If the application for a study block is successful, one course will be dropped from the student’s course requests.

2017-18 Study Block Contract

2017-18 IB Study Block Contract

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