Entrance Requirements

REMSS Pre-IB Program

The Pre-IB Program is a available in Grade 9 and 10 and is excellent preparation for the IB Diploma Programme that begins in Grade 11.

IB Diploma Program

The IB Diploma Programme at R.E. Mountain Secondary School is a challenging course of study that is an excellent preparation for Post-Secondary Education.

The IB Programme can result in early admission, and advanced placement with credit for many courses covered at the Higher Level in the course of the two years of study.

Many Students and Parents have questions about the IB Diploma Programme and the Grade 9 and 10 Pre-IB Honours Track.

The International Baccalaureate Organization has prepared a Learner Profile Flyer that explains some of the rationale behind the program and some of the expectations of students in the program and what students can expect from the program. You can access the IB Diploma page here for information from IB.

HERE IS THE IB Parent Night 2017 PowerPoint

Online Application for the REMSS Pre-IB and IB Program

January 24th, 2017  

Interested applicants are encouraged to attend the Pre-IB and IB parent information night on Tuesday, January 24th in the banquet room at the Langley Event Center at 7 pm.

January 31st, 2017
2017/18 Parent Information Night

February 1st to February 27th, 2017

Online applications will be open for all programs

(Registration for the Pre-IB 9 Exam is required through the online application)

February 28th, 2017 at 8:30

REMSS Pre-IB 9 Placement Exam at Yorkson Creek for Yorkson Creek Middle School students only.

March 1st, 2017@ 3:30 pm                   

REMSS Pre-IB 9 Placement Exam at REMSS library for all non-Yorkson Creek Grade 8 applicants. Copy of March 2016 Grade 8 report card must be brought to the placement exam.

Pre-IB 9 placement exam is two hours in length and is composed of the following sections:

Humanities – Non-fiction reading comprehension, creative writing
Math- multiple choice and problem solving

If you have any other questions please contact our IB Coordinator, Mrs. Cora Pickering.

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