Student Lockers

We have over 2300 students and only 650 lockers available for students this year. Most students find that they do not need lockers. However, if you would like one, please fill out this form – The information from the form will get your information added to the locker system (it does not guarantee you a locker). The form will close on Wednesday August 30 at 9am.

ALL students who filled out the locker form can book lockers using this link based on their Grade and the dates below:

  • Grade 12s – August 31
  • Grade 11s – Sept 1
  • Grade 10s – Sept 2
  • Grade 9s – Sept 3

User: student number; Password: First Initial/Last Name Initial + student number.  Example:  John Smith has a student number of 12345…password = JS12345

Starting on Wednesday, September 6, students who did not fill out the form to get access to the locker system can line up to get a locker in the main gallery with Mrs. Smethurst starting at 8:10am and closing at 8:40am on a first come – first served basis.  We will do this for the rest of next week or until all lockers are assigned.  Students will not be able to pick the location of lockers as that will be too time consuming.

Band and athletic lockers will be distributed by the coach/teacher.

Students found to have more than 1 locker at the end of this process will be asked to have their belongings removed from the other locker(s) and assigned one locker only.

Any questions about lockers, please reach out to Mr. Keen or Ms. Smethurst in the office.

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