Frequently Asked Questions

REMSS Pre-IB and IB Diploma Student FAQs

We have compiled some frequently asked questions and some brief testimonials from previous IB students at R.E. Mountain Secondary School.


Straight A’s would be great, but a student with a B average can succeed in IB with a good attitude and a solid effort. Don’t count yourself out because of one or two marks.

IB Diploma Graduate Glenn S. – Glenn graduated with a full IB Diploma from REMSS and was admitted to McGill University as a second year student. He graduated with an Honours Degree in Political Science and moved to the University of Toronto to complete a Master’s Degree in Law and Political Science with a focus on lnternational Human Rights Law. Glenn has been offered a position with a Park Avenue law firm. Glenn’s comments about the IB Program – “It was an integral part of my development as both a student and a person. It was my first step into the intellectual arena and for that I will always be grateful”.


IB is a challenge. How much time you will spend on your homework will depend on your learning style. You will definitely think more carefully about your assignments.

IB Diploma Graduate Dorota K. – Dorota completed a degree in Biopsychology at UBC after graduating from REMSS. She is currently enrolled at Columbia University completing a double Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Teaching. Dorota comments – “I was an English as a Second Language student coming from Poland a few years earlier. IB helped me to develop the discipline I needed to succeed in University and graduate work. Coming from the IB program, which is known all over the world, is a mark of honour that sets you apart”


Read widely, participate in class discussions, get involved in activities outside of class, and learn to manage your time.

IB Diploma Graduate Shane S. – Shane received a full scholarship to UBC after successfully completing the Diploma Program at REMSS. He graduated with first class honours with a degree in philosophy and a minor in international relations. Shane was actively pursued by over 30 universities, including NYU but he chose Columbia Law School where he will graduate with a degree in lnternational Law. Shane’s comments – The IB Program really helped me prepare for the demanding workload that is expected of me. At the same time the program gave me the drive and self-confidence to know that I can do well. I can’t count how many times I use the things that I learned in IB in thinking about problems that face me when studying. You can’t put a price on an education like that


The IB Diploma is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of superior academic achievement. Students in more than 50 countries take part in this challenging program. The program emphasizes critical and creative thinking as well as the research and writing skills which are necessary to succeed in university.

IB Diploma Graduate Cristalle W. – ‘The knowledge gained from this program has been invaluable to me in both my academic career and many other aspects of my life. The IB Program did much more than teach me facts or even give me knowledge: it gave me skills in critical thinking and problem solving. I know it will be useful to me in any field of endeavor”.

Candidates for the Diploma program will take a full slate of challenging academic courses and electives. In addition, all Diploma candidates must take Theory of Knowledge, a unique course that examines the origin and validity of the various forms of knowledge. This course develops critical thinking skills and interrelates the knowledge that students gain in other disciplines. Diploma candidates must also prepare an Extended Essay. This 4000-word paper is an independent research essay on a topic chosen by the student. The primary objective is for the student to learn the skills of researching and organizing a major paper. This is excellent preparation for post-secondary studies. A third requirement is a community service component of 150 hours over two years. CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) is a program that blends creativity, action and service hours to encourage students to maintain connections to the schools’ local and global communities.

REMSS Senior IB Diploma Student Dave N. – “IB has already been a time of extraordinary growth for me as a student. I have been pleasantly surprised to find myself incredibly stimulated, much more than I have been in previous classes I have taken. Indeed more than ever I thirst for learning”.


The IB Diploma is recognized by universities and colleges around the world as a significant indicator of academic achievement. Most universities, including UBC, SFU and UVIC, provide advance placement, advanced credit, and preferred admission for a successful IB performance. The IB experience provides students with the knowledge and skills to make a positive transition from high school to university.

REMSS Senior IB Diploma Students
Jason J. – Grade 11 IB/ISP – ‘I think that the IB/ISP program is a great program that prepares you well for post-secondaryeducation”.

David K. -The IS Program has been one of the greatest things that has happened to me. Both the challenging course work andthe insistent prodding to become a more active member in my local community has taught me skills that will be invaluable in mypost-secondary education. The IB Program is not just a program: it is a place where people are able to rise to the challenge ofachieving academic excellence while at the same time learning to broaden their horizons about community (both locally andinternationally) as well as gain skills useful for the rest of your life”


The secret to success in today’s world is the ability to think critically and creatively. IB Students are encouraged to ask why and how. IB emphasizes these skills in all subject areas including the Humanities and Literature, Science and Mathematics. We are currently developing courses in Fine Arts and Design Technology.

REMSS Senior IB Diploma Student Danya H.  I came to Mountain specifically because of the IB Program and the opportunities it will give me for post secondary education are huge”.

If you have any other questions please contact our IB Coordinator, Tina Costopoulos.

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